Other Expansion Models

Although an excellent way to expand a business, franchising is not right for every company or every owner. At Business Options, we are the only consultancy that is accredited to develop other expansion models.

By not being constrained to just franchising, Business Options can identify the right way to expand your business so that it meets the strategic objectives of the business and the personal objectives of the owners.


Business Options helps companies expand using a range of other expansion models including:

Licensing allows established businesses to offer and promote, under their own name, the licensors products and services alongside their own. Licensing is attractive to companies that already have an established brand name and client base allowing them to expand their product offering.
Agents allow a business to promote and sell their products and services without having to take on or increase their own employed salesforce. Although independent, agents act on your behalf so that the sale contract will be between you and the customer. Agency models can be a quick way of establishing a national sales presence.
Acquiring existing businesses with an exciting client base can be a fast way for companies to establish a regional, national or international presence.
It can also have the benefit of economies of scale and increasing your existing customer base.
Company owned expansion is the most common way of expanding a business. Although the expansion has to be funded and resourced by the company it does ensure the company maintains total control over all aspects of its business and has the flexibility to make changes whenever it likes.


At Business Options we understand that not all businesses have the same requirements. Therefore, to reflect the individual nature of our clients' needs we offer the Business Options Flexible Service Package. This allows the client to choose which services they would like Business Options to be involved with and which elements they would like to do themselves. This ensures that the client is only contracted for the service they want, when they want it and pay only for the services they need. Where clients wish Business Options to work on large expansion projects we offer the Business Options "Discounted - Total Package".

If you are considering expanding your business and would like to find out which is the right way to expand your business and how Business Options can help you, contact Business Options on or telephone 01420 550890

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